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Colon Care Reviews

Colon Care Reviews

People with IBS, Constipation, Diarrhea, Acid Reflux or Diverticulitis have some amazing things to say about Complete Colon Care.  Here are some of our most recent reviews.



March 24, 2010

I am 59,and suffer from chron's disease,and for years suffered with an extreme case of hemmoroids.

During a bout of diahrea,which further inflamed my hemmoroids,I searched for relief out of desperation!No creams were working,and, I found this product during my web search,Thank god I did. Within a week my hemmoroids had shrunk,and, now, several months later, they are 1/6th their size, and no pain. With such results, I decided to try colon care,and, with the same fabulous results.I soon see and end to my hemmoroid problem,and now enjoy, relief from stomach problems. All I can say is THANK YOU WESTERN HERBAL, AND TOM, FOR DEVELOPING THIS WONDERFUL GODSEND, I can't say enough about these products. I'm sold for Life!

John, Pennsylvania


June 17, 2009

AMAZING! That is the word I use to describe your Complete Colon Care. I was searching for a product that would produce gentle, yet effective results and I have found it in your product. The Complete Colon Care works well to produce complete elimination and it is so gentle that it can be used everyday. Many other products that I have tried were so harsh that I could not use them without unbearable side effects such as diarrhea, cramping and headaches. My body has responded so well to your Complete Colon Care and my stress-related digestive worries are a thing of the past. If I miss a day, I immediately feel the difference. My digestive tract becomes slow and sluggish. Once I take my daily dose, my digestive tract works with great regularity and I experience increased energy and vitality. By cleansing my digestive tract with this amazing formula, my skin has become radiant and my sleep is more deep and restful. I have read that many of our health issues begin in the gut and I believe it wholeheartedly. Tom, you are a Godsend. You and your team are caring and compasssionate people who care most about the health and wellness of your customers. Your superior product and your high standard of customer service differentiate you from many others in the health and wellness industry. I have recommended your product to my family and friends and will personally continue to be a customer for years to come. Thanks again for caring enough to use only the best ingredients to produce a colon cleanse solution that is far better than anything currently produced in stores. You are helping me and others attain and maintain our health naturally. Sincerely,

Lisa, Texas

March 12, 2009

Dear Western Herbal & Nutrition

I have suffered with IBS on and off for years. I have been to gastroenteroligists, who never could figure out why I had terrible diarrhea for months on end. The answer always seemed to be to treat the symptoms and never the cause. At one point they blamed it on the anti depressants that I was taking and twice I had to change medications. If I didn't have diarrhea I was constipated and always seemed to feel bloated. To cut a long story short, a friend recommended your Complete Colon care. I started to take it a couple of months ago and noticed a difference almost immediately. I now have regular bowel movements, once a day, no bloating or gassiness and NORMAL stools! I feel so much better and healthier! The mixer bottle is a great idea, too - so much easier to shake it up rather than stirring! You have changed my life! THANK YOU!

Kathryn, Arizona

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